Today, every business owner needs a website. While a simple website will enable customers to peruse your offerings and contact you, designing your website with future growth in mind will help you attract more traffic and drive sales. Hiring a reputable web designer like Alex Bentson Marketing is a great investment if you’re ready to spruce up your site! In the meantime, you can also implement these strategies to turn your website into an impressive sales-generating tool.

Improve Your SEO

If you’ve built a basic business website, you probably didn’t spend too much time focusing on optimizing your content with your search rankings in mind. But, according to Zenbusiness, improving your search engine optimization strategy is key if you want your website to show up in more searches, and you can start by ensuring your website is SEO-friendly. You don’t have to guess which keywords your audience is looking for – instead, you can use the Google keyword planner tool to find out!

Implement User-Friendly Design

You want to make sure that your business website is easy for your customers to navigate and interact with. Social Media Today suggests optimizing your website for mobile users, formatting your content for scanning, installing drop-down menus with a few clear options for simple navigation, using a contrasting color scheme, and including a clear contact form.

Boost Conversions

You don’t just want to get more eyes on your website – you want your visitors to develop a genuine interest in your offerings so that they’ll ultimately make a purchase or book your services. Therefore, you want to earn more conversions through your website. To do this, HostPapa recommends running A/B tests for multiple landing pages with different designs, strategically placing important features on the upper half of web pages rather than the bottom, and adding examples of social proof for your business, such as recommendations from industry experts, positive user reviews, and certifications from important regulatory bodies in your field.

Integrate CRM and ERP Programs

Today, countless businesses use customer relationship management software to monitor lead generation and improve their customer interactions. Additionally, many companies use an Enterprise Resource Planning System to manage a wide range of business processes, from supply chain management to accounting to human resources. 

If you’re using CRM software and ERP software, it’s time to integrate these programs and establish a seamless flow of processes and information between your integrated software and your website. You’ll be able to assess your website’s traffic analytics alongside your sales reports, lead generation details, and other key statistics that will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your overall business and marketing strategy. Integrating your internal tools and your website helps you avoid silos, so you can see all of the information you need in one place. This can boost your efficiency and productivity!

Think Long-Term

Working with a web developer and designer is a smart investment for your company’s future. If you feel lost when it comes to web design, hiring a designer is the best way to bring your vision for your business’s website to life! After all, an attractive, optimized website will draw in more customers for years to come. Before choosing a web designer, check out their portfolio of previous projects to make sure that you like their style.

Your business website isn’t just a virtual space for your company. It’s also a platform you can use to increase your revenue and ultimately grow your business. Transforming your website into a tool to promote business growth can help move your company forward!

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