How do you effectively reach new people on Instagram? Looking to reach new people that might be interested in your brand and ultimately become future customers or clients? You might have tried other methods, but here are our recommendations for nailing your Instagram strategy through organic engagement.

Like, Like, Like!

We can not stress the importance of double tapping on others’ posts. Not only does it allow their posts to show up frequently in your feed, but it shows interest and loyalty in their brand. Likes help build a strong presence on the internet. They are also a great metric that indicates post performance. So, the next time you’re scrolling through your feed, hit that like button and it could add to your business!

DM other accounts

Being friendly with your followers is a great form of engagement. Sending them direct messages builds a relationship that could potentially lead to a business agreement. Send a quick direct message on a post or story. You can ask questions or leave feedback. These small gestures not only connect you to your followers, but show you are consistently engaging and interested in them.

IGTV Collaboration

IGTV videos are perfect for in depth story telling. They allow you to post detailed content that is readily available with being limited to length. Beneficial ways to gain traction from these videos is to post a preview in your stories or share one-minute previews in your feed. IGTV videos are a great place to post tutorials and collaborations without limitations.

Use Comments

Commenting on posts is key to engagement. A simple, “Love it!” or “Great work!” can go a long way. It begins an interaction that could lead to a business deal. Thanking people for following or liking your post is also great engagement to build with your followers. Another way to create conversation is asking questions in your posts. This gets the ball rolling and creates engagement when your followers respond. Asking people to comment on your videos is also a great way to build a relationship. (Be sure to respond back within an adequate time frame, it shows a level of interest!)

Follow people in your niche

For engagement to be successful and reciprocated, you must follow people related to your niche. As a marketer, it is beneficial to follow other businesses and people in your field. Spend 5-10 minutes a day searching for people that would benefit from your content. Follow them, like their recent posts, and shoot them a DM.

These best practices organically increase engagement to help you reach new followers. Remember to always stay positive, offer advice and remain consistent. Instagram engagement is essential to grow your brand.