This year, the workforce has shifted to a digital approach for business acquisition more so than ever before. Over 80% of small businesses rely on email campaigns to acquire new clients and sustain overall growth.

If you are one of many people trying to integrate your Squarespace and MailChimp accounts, I’ve got a great tip for you. I decided to put together a quick tutorial of how I used a filter through Zapier to integrate Squarespace contact forms with MailChimp groups so you can keep your email list segmentations clean from the get-go. This quick video outlines step by step of how I bridged the gap between Squarespace and Mailchimp, using Zapier, to create an effective email segmentation setup.

There are many reasons why this segmentation is important. Here are the top five reasons you should segment your contact forms:

  1. MailChimp groups are a way of categorizing subscribers by interest or preference. Segments are a specific set of filters within your list where subscribers in the segment share common qualities. Think groups as your larger category and segments as subcategories. For most of my clients, it is important to keep Wholesale customers separate from Consumers so we can send the appropriate emails to each audience. This “grouping” can go on and on. Use your imagination to figure out which groups are important for your business.
  2. Segmentation through this integration helps achieve the overall goal of increased open email rates.
  3. Setting up a drip campaign creates automated response emails for customers. This funnels contacts into the right automation path, which is ultimately time saving and productive.
  4. Segmentation allows us to study the behavior of our audience so we can target them with the correct emails over time.
  5. Your customers do not receive emails irrelevant to their needs. Segmentation keeps the email flow to new and existing subscribers separated and relevant.

I hope this video and blog help you learn step by step how to achieve this task. Using Zapier to link Squarespace and Mailchimp is beneficial in creating effective email campaigns targeted towards to the correct groups.

I find this to be more efficient when marketing for both new and existing clients. Thank you for watching and reading! More informational videos like these coming soon, stay tuned!