Ever wonder how to get those fancy URL’s in your Instagram Bio that goes to your website or linked articles? Here are two ways to accomplish that. Whenever anyone lands on your page, the first and most important part of the profile they read is your bio. It sets the first impression for you and brand. If you are starting a new business or promoting an existing one, there are many third-party tools that Instagram offers to help you get the most out of your profile. The challenge is often deciding which one will benefit your business the most.

One option in gaining traction to your website is sharing direct links to articles, websites, blogs through a simple link that can easily be shared with others. Why is this important? Because Instagram only gives us one URL link, which is why third party tools are useful. This can be done in multiple ways, but I wanted to compare two of the most popular ways: using linkin.bio or linktr.ee. Each one has its benefits which I will explain below.

What is Linktr.ee? Linktr.ee is a landing platform used to encompass an individual or company’s associated links. Users can upload unlimited links to this platform and arrange them in a list form. Linktr.ee is popular to house all the content you need to drive followers. For example, this tool works well with written content such as blogs, links to your website, services, etc.

What is Linkin.bio? Linkin.bio is a clickable URL that your visitors use that takes them to a landing page to drive traffic to your website. Linkin.bio is linked to Later, a social media scheduling tool. Your posts and linked pages are automatically added to the Linkin.bio site. It is one of the easiest ways for marketers to drive traffic to their page. Once you add the unique URL to your Instagram account bio, you are all set! Most people are drawn to this because it looks similar to your Instagram page grid.

Both tools are excellent for driving traffic to your page. The decision in choosing the right one depends on which one would benefit your business the most. Businesses that are selling products prefer linkin.bio since it utilizes the picture grid. Bloggers may prefer linktr.ee to simply list links to their blog. The ultimate decision is based on your business type, audience, and goal. Consider the types of posts and content you create before deciding on which tool will optimize your Instagram account.