Catching the attention of consumers can be challenging when there are a lot competing brands out there. Great products don’t sell themselves, so it’s our job as marketers to create an emotional connection between the end-user and the brand to encourage online shopping. As a result, lifestyle images have become a key aspect of any marketing budget.

What are Lifestyle Images?

Lifestyle images are photos that are not centered around the specific product being sold. Instead, the photos showcase the environment that the product is in. In some cases, the product might not even be in the image AT ALL. Simply put, lifestyle photography is used to tell a story behind the product. It is used to capture people in their normal life and how that product is integrated into it.  For example, big name companies such as Nike, Vans, and Sephora do an excellent job at primarily using lifestyle images online. This idea doesn’t just work for only big-name brands, but can be translated for use by companies of any size.

Here’s a good example of how Regusci Winery show’s their 2016 Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon in a live setting, being enjoyed with a beautiful charcuterie board before the sunset in Napa Valley. I would highly encourage other wineries to include the aspirational “lifestyle” of what it’s like to open up a bottle of their wine(s) that they so carefully grow and cultivate, with people in the right setting.

Gundlach Bundshchu in Sonoma does a fantastic job of capturing the “Gunbun” lifestyle as well. Here are a couple of examples…

Why It Is Important When Selling a Product Online?

By focusing your content on lifestyle images, customers can imagine themselves using the product. You’re selling a feeling, not just a product. Having a skilled photographer as well as variety in your lifestyle shots can be highly effective at reaching all types of audiences. You can use lifestyle images to showcase people, places, and how your product might be used in all kinds of scenarios. Having a clear understanding of your target audience is key, but that’s a topic for another day!

If you check out Nike’s online marketing, or @NikeWomen on Instagram— you can see their #1 form of content consists of lifestyle images. They create an emotional connection with their audience. They show how their athletic products of all kinds can be used to portray the active and healthy lifestyle.

Seth Godin, an American author and dot com business executive, said “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”